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Empowering patients: Curewiki's innovative approach to clinical trial matching

In the realm of clinical trials, the constructive collaboration between investigators and patients is pivotal for medical progress. Traditionally, investigators reach out to potential participants to ensure the success of their studies. However, we complement this approach by encouraging patients to take initiative, providing them with the means to actively seek out trials that best suit their individual needs and aspirations. At Curewiki, we revolutionize this process by empowering patients (and healthy volunteers), streamlining recruitment and enriching study engagement.

Clinical trial matching patient

Picture by Tima Miroshnichenko via Pexels

Patient-driven clinical trial matching

The journey of a clinical trial participant at Curewiki starts with a unique empowerment model. Unlike the conventional approach where (local) investigators look for patients, our platform enables patients to take a proactive stance. They give us the mandate to find a clinical trial that aligns with their health conditions, interests, and personal preferences. This proactive patient engagement complements the investigators’ efforts, providing a richer pool of motivated patients eager to contribute to scientific advancement. This shift from a research-centric to a patient-centric approach marks a meaningful change in the clinical trial landscape.

How Curewiki equips patients with essential insights

At Curewiki, our focus extends beyond just matching patients with clinical trials. Our role in facilitating subscriptions is crucial. Through our blogs and resources, we also provide patients with information about advancements in disease treatment and medical innovations. This approach of sharing first-hand trial information along with educational content empowers our patients. They not only find trials that suit their needs but also gain a broader understanding of the evolving landscape of medical research. Knowledge is power. This helps to transform patients from passive participants into active, informed patients in the world of clinical research.

A tailored experience with our AI platform

Our AI-driven platform is designed to better accommodate the specific needs and preferences of each patient. By analysing a wide array of data points, we personalize the search for clinical trials, transforming it from a daunting task into a tailored patient-friendly experience. This personalized approach is not just about efficiency; it is about respecting each patient's unique journey and preferences as well as the uniqueness of each trial and its specific requirements.

Conclusion: be a part of the empowerment movement

Curewiki is more than a platform; it is a movement toward a future where clinical trial participants are in the driver's seat. We invite investigators to join us in this innovative approach. If you are interested in how we can transform your clinical trials with our patient-centric methodology, visit our dedicated webpage for investigators. Together, we can create a clinical research environment that values and empowers every participant.


Discover the clinical trial that aligns with your health needs, and make a meaningful impact by volunteering.



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