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World Clinical Research Day: 60% of Belgians Ready to Participate in a Clinical Study!

World Clinical Research Day, celebrated on May 20, highlights the importance of clinical research in developing new medical treatments and improving healthcare. This day also spotlights the health professionals, researchers, and patients involved in clinical trials.

Patient and doctor during a clinical research

Clinical trials are crucial for assessing the safety and effectiveness of new medications. They follow strict protocols to ensure participant safety and reliable results.

On this occasion, Curewiki unveils its first barometer on Belgians' attitudes towards clinical research. It reveals key figures on the perception and participation of Belgians in clinical trials.


The study indicates that 50% of Belgians are only vaguely aware or completely unaware of clinical trials. This lack of knowledge is also high among patients, 40% are unaware of their existence.


However, the study shows high potential for participation: 60% of Belgians say they are ready to participate in a clinical study. Among patients, this figure rises to 64%.


People hesitate to participate mainly because of fear of risks and side effects, and lack of information.


For those willing to participate in a clinical trial, motivations include advancing research, earning income, helping a loved one, and seeking a solution for themselves.


Finally, it is noted that 61% of respondents have lost a loved one to a disease, and 36% of them believe that a clinical trial could have been useful for that loved one. Receive the full details of this survey.


About World Clinical Research Day on May 20

May 20 was chosen in honor of James Lind, a Scottish physician who conducted the first controlled clinical trial in history in 1747. Lind studied the effects of various treatments for scurvy, a disease that severely affected sailors at the time. His work demonstrated that citrus fruits could prevent and treat the disease, paving the way for a more scientific approach to medicine.

This barometer was conducted among 1,000 Belgians between April 25 and May 15 (margin of error 3.1%) by the research institute “Listen”.


Discover the clinical trial that aligns with your health needs, and make a meaningful impact by volunteering.



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