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Fostering a patient-centric ecosystem

Curewiki transforms the medical research landscape into a patient-centric ecosystem that fosters groundbreaking discoveries and empowers individuals to take control of their health. We aim to change patient participation in clinical research by providing information, opportunities, and support.

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Curewiki was founded by Jean-Sebastien Gosuin and Marc Verhaeren. Jean-Sébastien, a seasoned tech entrepreneur, has personally faced the battles of being a heart patient and a cancer survivor. His co-founder, Marc, is a dedicated impact entrepreneur who has already left a mark in the industry by co-founding Belgium's first sustainable fund, Funds For Good, in 2010.

Our mission

“With Curewiki, we strive to support patients and their physicians in jointly finding appropriate clinical research for the treatment of today and the future.”
Curewiki offers patients access to all ongoing clinical trials in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and we have the ambition to expand to Europe."

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Marc Verhaeren

CEO Curewiki

To further increase its societal impact, Curewiki is in the process of finalising the creation of its philanthropic fund at the King Baudouin Foundation and wishes to become B Corp certified.

Our team

We are funded by the public sector (Europe, States, Regions) and private investors and consist of a team of entrepreneurs, clinicians and clinical trial experts.

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Marc Verhaeren


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Koen Blanquart


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Edwin Klumper


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Roel Divendal

Patient Engagement

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Jean-Sebastien Gosuin


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Raphaël de Robiano


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Pieter-Jan Vandersloten

Client operations

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Fabienne Bourel



We take your privacy seriously and apply the highest standards when it comes to protecting your data.

Patient first

At Curewiki, we put the patient first. At all times in the process, you decide whether or not you want to participate in a clinical trial and which information you wish to share.

Ethical standards

We adhere to stringent ethical standards, ensuring participant privacy, informed consent, and unbiased trial recommendations for an ethically sound patient experience.

Benefits for users

Like the 19.000 people already registered, you can find a clinical trial that suits you, decide to take part and contribute to the advancement of medical research.

Subscribe now for free

Register and participate in the creation of the largest database of clinical trial patient volunteers.

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