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Connect with patients and accelerate your clinical trials.

Time is a shared enemy for patients and researchers alike. That's why we're here to support you in overcoming this challenge by facilitating the recruitment of qualified candidates for your clinical trials.


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Why should you use Curewiki?

Faster recruitment

Time is of the essence in clinical trials. Our platform allows you to recruit more quickly, which improves your study timeline.


We use cutting-edge technology to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical trial recruitment.

Ethical standards

We adhere to the highest ethical standards in patient recruitment, ensuring the consent and confidentiality of all patients.


We believe in the power of collaboration and work hard to create a cooperative environment.

Unlock today your free access to volunteers for your trial(s)


Activate your account

Simply send us your trial numbers (NCT, EudraCT, ...), and we'll grant you access to your Criteria Validation Page.


Direct contact

Patients matching your criteria can directly contact active investigational sites.


Match with patients

We will review all registered patients with the disease you are researching against the criteria you validated.

Unlock the power of insightful analytics

Thanks to Curewiki and the valuable contributions made by candidates, relevant data is now at your fingertips. Our platform provides comprehensive analytics, enabling you to understand precisely how specific inclusion or exclusion criteria influence the pool of potential candidates. Armed with these insights, you can make informed decisions and optimize your recruitment strategy with confidence. Gain a powerful tool to unlock the true potential of your clinical trial recruitment efforts.

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Potential candidates

Curewiki allows you to search for pseudonomized subjects profiles that match your research needs. We facilitate the connection if they consent, promoting ethical and patient-centered participation in your clinical trials.

Our vision

We believe that patient-driven research improves healthcare. 

Our mission

Curewiki gives patients equal opportunities to participate in clinical trials.   



Putting the patient first


Encouraging collaboration


Embracing innovation


Unleashing data potential.

We have created one of the most comprehensive platforms for patient data in the world, anonymized and ready for exploration. You can sift through this data based on medical and demographic criteria to understand patient availability in your specified regions.

Are you ready to discuss how we can revolutionize your clinical trial recruitment process? We're here to assist you. Schedule a call with our team to learn more about how Curewiki can help your research.



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