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Welcome to the new era of clinical research: Curewiki meets Trial Eye.

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Uniting for innovation in clinical research

We are excited to announce that Trial Eye has now joined forces with Curewiki. By combining our state-of-the-art technology with Trial Eye expertise, we are redefining how patient' recruitment is conducted. Curewiki stands by the conviction that clinical trials should be widely accessible, benefiting both patients and researchers.

Advanced tech and precision matchmaking

Our revolutionary platform provides you with a streamlined search for clinical trials. We integrate Curewiki's advanced technology with Heyley's insights on cancer research. Our commitment lies in facilitating a smoother pathway for you to discover and engage with groundbreaking studies. 

Step by Step new features will be released by Curewiki. If you would like more information, provide your e-mail address below, and we will keep you informed about when new features will be available. 

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Deepened expertise

Our core team now boasts the insights of Trial Eye in cancer clinical trials, adding it to our robust data-driven solution. This collaboration enhances our ability to support your studies, offering a nuanced understanding of patient profiles, disease mechanisms, and trial criteria. 

Streamlined recruitment

Curewiki can provide you with seamless experience in recruitment for clinical trials. Our combined forces promise to optimize the speed and efficiency of patient recruitment, bringing hope and innovative therapies to market faster. 

At Curewiki, our vision of a patient-centric clinical research ecosystem is continuously evolving. With Heyleys now part of our family, we're even better positioned to revolutionize how patients engage with clinical research.

Join our growing community. Your data privacy and security are our top priorities.



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