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Welcome to the New Era of Clinical Research: Curewiki Meets iClusion

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Unlocking the future of clinical trials together

In our commitment to revolutionizing clinical research and amplifying patient engagement, Curewiki has joined forces with iClusion, the Netherlands-based expert in connecting cancer patients with clinical trials. We are merging our cutting-edge technology with iClusion's specialized knowledge to fast-track your research in ways you have only dreamed of.

Enhanced patient

Our revolutionary platform provides enhanced accessibility for cancer patients searching for clinical trials. In doing so, we enhance recruitment rates and empower a larger number of patients on their healthcare journey. You now have a broader pool of potential candidates for your studies.

Deepened expertise

Our core team now boasts the renowned expertise of iClusion's specialists, bringing together their rich insights in cancer clinical trials and our robust data-driven solutions. This collaboration enhances our ability to support your studies, offering a nuanced understanding of patient profiles, disease mechanisms, and trial criteria.

Streamlined recruitment

With iClusion now part of Curewiki, we can provide you with an even more seamless experience in recruitment for clinical trials. Our combined forces promise to optimize the speed and efficiency of patient recruitment, bringing innovative therapies to market faster.

How Curewiki works?

Expanded patient

Unlock a vast, diverse network of potential participants, including a focused segment of cancer patients. We respect patient privacy, providing anonymized data until a patient consents to participate in your trial. This approach ensures privacy while facilitating engagement.


Leverage the synergistic expertise of Curewiki and iClusion in interpreting patient data and navigating clinical trial processes. Our combined insights enable you to make data-driven decisions with confidence.

clinical trials

Harness the power of our consolidated technologies and expertise to expedite your clinical trials. We prioritize efficiency, saving valuable time and resources while maintaining the highest ethical patient recruitment and engagement standards.

Join our revolution

At Curewiki, our vision of a patient-centric clinical research ecosystem is continuously evolving. With iClusion now part of our family, we're even better positioned to revolutionize how patients engage with clinical research.

Ready to discover how our enhanced platform can benefit your clinical trials? We're here to help. Click below to schedule a call with our team and explore how Curewiki and Iclusion can accelerate your clinical research.

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