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Earn pocket money by contributing to medical research! 

Did you know that every drug or treatment we use has first been validated through clinical trials? Curewiki connects volunteers like you with official clinical trials. Register free of charge and without obligation, and we'll look for clinical trials for you! 

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researches involved every year


How Curewiki works?


You create a free profile by answering a few simple questions about yourself and your situation.


We continuously search for clinical trials that might match your profile and preferences.


When we find a study that matches the information you have shared, we will notify you. You decide whether or not to volunteer.

Security and confidentiality are our commitment! 

At Curewiki, it's simple: you're at the heart of everything we do. Would you like to participate in clinical trials? The choice is entirely up to you. What about confidentiality? Rest assured, we take your personal information seriously. We follow strict principles to ensure transparency, consent and ethics. With Curewiki, you are on a clear and secure path. 


Join us in accelerating tomorrow's medicine!  


You're part of a movement that starts with people and that helps people. At Curewiki, we believe in a world where new or better treatments are available to everyone, faster.

Our patient-focused mission is to improve participation in clinical trials. 


Any questions? See hereafter if we already have an answer for you.

Create a Curewiki account

Register, find the clinical trial that's right for you, and then decide whether to volunteer. By participating, you could earn pocket money*! 

*Curewiki does not organize clinical studies. Participation in clinical studies involves risks. Discuss possible participation with your physician before signing a consent form. Compensation depends on each clinical study and is available only to healthy individuals.

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