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What happens during a clinical trial: a volunteer's guide

Clinical trials are like windows into the future of medicine. They are where more efficient or even groundbreaking treatments are born, and they rely on volunteers like you to make it all happen. But if you have never participated in one and are feeling a bit hesitant or curious, you are not alone. This guide aims to demystify the clinical trial process and help you understand what happens from start to finish, all while explaining the role of Curewiki in simplifying your clinical trial research.

The clinical trial journey

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The clinical trial journey

Chapter 1: Getting started

You are curious, we get it: You are interested in clinical trials, but where do you begin? Enter Curewiki. This patient-centric platform is your ultimate guide to finding the right clinical trial for you. Sign up, answer some questions about your health, preferences, and location, and let the magic begin.

Chapter 2: Trial matchmaking

We are relentlessly looking: Curewiki's AI algorithm continuously scours official sources for clinical trials that match your profile. It is like matchmaking for your health. When a match occurs, you will be informed by Curewiki. The choice whether to participate lies in your hands. To make this decision, we strongly advise you to discuss this with your physician.

Chapter 3: Screening process

Trials have specific criteria to ensure safety and effectiveness. The screening process checks if you fit the bill. That is why you need to share information with us. But rest assured that we keep them safe. Some may feel a bit like job interviews for your health, but it is all part of the game.

Chapter 4: Informed consent

No secrets here: Before you join a trial, you will go through an informed consent process with the clinical trial team. This is where they will lay all the cards on the table. You will get to know what the trial is about, the potential risks, benefits, and your rights. Transparency is key, and that is exactly what you should get.

Chapter 5: The trial phases

Know your phases: Trials have phases, like a book with chapters. Phase I is all about safety; Phase II tests effectiveness, and Phase III confirms results. Phase IV happens after a treatment is out in the world, monitoring it like a responsible parent. The clinical trial team should help you navigate these phases with ease.

Chapter 6: The placebo mystery

Is it real or not? Sometimes, you might get a placebo, a harmless sugar pill. It is used to ensure the effectiveness of the real treatment. The clinical trial team will educate you about placebos and help you understand their role if they are part of the trial that you will participate in.

Chapter 7: Regular check-ins

Stick to the plan: Clinical trials often require regular check-ins. You will follow the trial's plan, keeping track of how you are doing. The clinical trial team will remind you of your appointments and help you stay on course.

Chapter 8: Monitoring and safety

Your guardian angels: Trials take safety seriously. They closely monitor your health, looking out for any issues. The clinical trial team will have to ensure you are safe.

Chapter 9: Side effects and benefits

The good and the not-so-good: You will learn about potential side effects and benefits. It is all part of making an informed choice. The clinical trial team will provide this information clearly, so you can weigh the pros and cons.

Chapter 10: The finish line

Trial completed: Whether the trial was a success or not, your contribution is invaluable. It is like being part of a scientific adventure. The clinical trial team will make the trial's outcome available and what is next.

The Curewiki advantage

Curewiki works behind the scenes, tirelessly searching for trials that match your profile. We only refer to trials from official sources like the European Medicines Agency. You can trust that you are getting accurate clinical research proposals. And you are not limited to a single trial. We could find a range of options, allowing you to choose the one that aligns best with your preferences and values.

In conclusion

Clinical trials are like experiences in the world of medicine. They hold the promise of new treatments and improved healthcare. Thanks to platforms like Curewiki, the journey of searching the right clinical trial has never been easier or more accessible.

So, if you are ever hesitating about joining a clinical trial, remember this guide and the subtle role Curewiki plays in simplifying the subscription process. Your health is worth exploring, and with Curewiki by your side, you can start this medical adventure with confidence.


Discover the clinical trial that aligns with your health needs, and make a meaningful impact by volunteering.



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